EveryDay Learners
Recognizing the power of everyday learning moments

We all know that education and learning to read in school are essential. But learning and literacy skills begin long before that–even in infancy.

The ability to learn is established in early childhood first through relationships with parents and caregivers. This ability expands through everyday opportunities provided by parents and caregivers to develop learning skills.

How can you help?

Step 1: Donate Books

Many low-income homes have little to no age-appropriate books. Research has shown that having books in the home increases children’s academic success, vocabulary development, and future job attainment. Help children build their home libraries by hosting a new book drive or donating fund for books. 

Step 2: Volunteer

Volunteer as a reading tutor, sort book donations, or help students with their homework after school. Search through our volunteer opportunities at the South Franklin Community Center and more. 

Step 3: Learn

Find the every day learning moments you can share with children in your life. You can make a difference in the education of your child and others in our community! We can help you do that. Watch Welcome Baby’s Ready to Learn parenting classes on Facebook Live.

Looking for other ways to get involved or resources for your family? Contact Stephanie Anderson at stephaniea@unitedwayuc.org


A child's learning is enhanced in a loving, safe, and predictable environment, and they are able to develop a sense of security and self-control. Responsiveness from and connection with a parent or caregiver are essential for a child to learn.


A child develops skills in early learning as parents and caregivers talk about numbers, shapes, patterns and comparisons during everyday activities and help them recognize opportunities to learn in all aspects of their lives.


A child develops confident thinking and discovery, parents and caregivers can encourage curiosity by making learning and exploring a part of play.