About Us

our Mission

Here at United Way of Utah County, we are committed to strengthening our local community. Our team partners with companies, local non-profit agencies, volunteers, donors, and community members to improve the lives of our neighbors. Through our 3 focus areas – education, health, and income – we create opportunities to grow together today and every day. 

Together, we can make a difference as we LIVE UNITED.

Who do we help?

United Way of Utah County focuses on the local needs of our community. This extends to children, parents, grandparents, teachers, low-income families, neighbors, and friends. Additionally, we conduct a Community Assessment every three years to better understand the growing needs of our community and create lasting solutions.

EveryDay Support

Helping families and individuals become financially stable.

EveryDay Strong

Supporting youth with anxiety and depression.

EveryDay Learners

Foster childhood literacy and early education

What makes us different?

History in the making

We offer a wide variety of classes and opportunities for all ages. Our system allows you to register as a family and select programs that each member wants to participate in. See our class list below!

A message from our ceo:

"For 60 years, United Way has been bringing people together to focus on the evolving needs of our community. The secret of the last 60 years has been working together with partners from all sectors. We are grateful for the community leaders of the past who had such great foresight and laid a great foundation. We still have work to do, and we invite everyone to help create a better community for our kids long into the future."