Day of Caring

Day of Caring will be on September 12th, 2024

Day of Caring is an annual day of service that takes place on the second Thursday of September. United Way invites organizations across the county to come together in completing various projects that benefit the community. This is our biggest corporate volunteer event, with over 1,500 volunteers completing over 60 service projects.

Looking for a meaningful team bonding experience? Want to give back to the community? Contact our Day of Caring liaison to learn more about how to incorporate Day of Caring into your organization’s community involvement plan.

Caroline Glissmeyer


1. Assess

Organizations that serve the community such as schools, city parks, and nonprofits submit their needs to United Way. We receive requests from various locations throughout the county. These requests usually involve maintaining the facilities that provide essential services such as education, healthcare, childcare, literacy, and food security to low-income or otherwise in-need populations. Some common projects include painting blacktop games at elementary schools, doing reading and STEM activities with children, outdoor facility maintenance, and more.

2. Rally

United Way corporate partners and other organizations are invited to provide volunteers and funding to complete projects. Any organization or business in Utah County can volunteer. Organizations that are willing to provide specialized services such as construction, roofing, HVAC, etc. are especially useful for projects requiring skilled labor.

3. Connect

Volunteer organizations are matched with specific project(s). United Way works the best we can to match each volunteer organization with a project that most fits their preferences in regards to things like location, expense, number of volunteers, indoor/outdoor work, cause being served, etc.

4. Prep

Volunteer organizations are linked with a representative from the project they’ve selected. Specific needs are discussed more in-depth, and plans are made as to what needs to be done prior to the Day of Caring in order for the service project to run smoothly.

5. Serve

Volunteer organizations send their teams of volunteers to join United Way in a kickoff breakfast. Volunteers then split off to their project locations. Most projects are able to be completed by noon.

“I am always so amazed at how grateful the facilities are that are receiving the work. We love doing this and look forward to it every year.”


Thank you to our amazing sponsors!