What is the EveryDay Strong Ally Program?

The youth in your schools and in your community struggle with anxiety and depression. Parents and other caring adults at your school or in your community want to help but don't know where to start. One Harvard study found that the key to lasting resilience for kids can be found in at least one secure relationship with a trusted adult.

Who are Allies?

Pleasant Grove City Community Outreach Event

Summit Academy Classroom Wall

Allies can be from cities, schools, and other organizations. By becoming an Ally with EveryDay Strong, the return on your investment will be happy and resilient kids. You don’t need to be an expert when it comes to mental health. You only need to be an Ally!

With the Ally program, Allies can receive the trainings and resources to help the parents and other caring adults in your community how to deal with numerous problems, such as slamming doors, how to get their kids to open up to them, and how to build safety, connection, and confidence between child and adult. EveryDay Strong provides the trainings, handbooks, and other content for you to help them be resilient. These things are not meant to replace your organization’s current mental health program (if you have one), but to enhance them.

When parents and kids know how to work together for emotional health, you’re shaping a whole generation into people who can withstand any challenge that life throws at them. When you bring parents on board with the EveryDay Strong approach, you’re creating a resilient community.

Our posters will inspire you with new ways to connect with your children

Our handbooks provide parents and leaders 15 different ways to connect with their kids to build safety, connection, and confidence

Our EveryDay Strong team will train and present our program to your organization so you will be equipped with the knowledge to help the kids in your life

Tamara Oborn from Pleasant Grove says: “Pleasant Grove loves the EveryDay Strong because it is a simple framework that helps us understand how to help our kids thrive. We are hopeful we can help them grow strong, independent, and make good choices by providing Safety, Connection, and Confidence.”

A step-parent from Davis County says: “I implemented Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and it’s been a total game changer for my step-daughter and I. I am super eager to share what I have learned to others because it works!!!”

Lori Thorn from Alpine School District says: “EveryDay Strong is a framework that is used daily by all employees in Alpine School District. Making sure students feel safe, connected, and confident is critical to their physical health, mental health, and academic learning.”

Learn more about EveryDay Strong at www.everydaystrong.org