EveryDay Strong

The number of youth in our community who experience anxiety and depression is dramatically rising each and every year. 

We know that this is deeply concerning to parents, friends, religious leaders, and teachers. These teenagers are experiencing severe withdrawal from everyday activities, difficulty at school, and, in some of the most tragic cases, even taking their own lives. You've told us in conversations, on social media, at town hall meetings and many other places how urgent it is that something be done about this. These are your children, friends, and students, and you care deeply about their success.

We're listening; we agree; we want to help you take action. And not just any action, but action that has a real shot at changing the trajectory of our community for good. We're going to do what we've always done best: leverage volunteers, empower parents, bring people together, and mobilize the caring power of our community to get things done. 

Watch this space in the coming weeks, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. The movement is just beginning. We're going to need every single one of you to make this happen.

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