EveryDay Learners

Resolving to make a difference

Exercise more, eat less, save money—sound familiar? According to USA.gov, these are some of the most frequently made New Year’s resolutions. They are all great things, but for some reason I’ve found that when I make the same resolutions year after year, I get complacent. It’s harder for me to follow through. This year, I’m going to make a different kind of resolution—one that has benefits not just for me, but for my community. This year, I’m going to be an EveryDay Learner.

7 Reading Facts to Beat the “Summer Slide”

We are quickly coming up on summer vacation, that time of year for water fights, barbecues, and… slides? Not for kids in Utah County! Read on to find out why.

Living Halloween-United

This last weekend's Family Event at Thanksgiving Point was a great example of various entities in our community LIVING UNITED. Families, Volunteers, Businesses and Community Services coming together to enjoy Halloween! 

EveryDay Learners: Going Beyond Formal Education

EveryDay Learners focuses on helping everyone make education a priority, regardless of the setting.

March's How I LIVE UNITED: Advocate

Each month, we spotlight someone in the community who is LIVING UNITED through giving, advocating or volunteering. Click here to read how John Lewis is advancing the common good through advocating.

Latinos in Action!

Need inspiration? Read this! Young Latinos make a difference every day as they tutor younger children needing help in school.

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