New Years Resolutions - A New Way

I am extremely surprised that these first week of 2010 is almost over.  During this time of year, it is very common for people to set new years resolutions-plans to improve their lives and better themselves. For me, however,  I have found that making goals for the whole year just sets myself up for failure.  I have never liked new years resolutions.

However, in December, I decided that there were a number of goals that I wanted to accomplish, but it was just too much to do all at once.  As I pondered how to make these changes a reality, I was taken back to a class I took in college called “Behavior Change.”  Through that semester, we learned how to help people make positive changes in their life.   Some of the principals that stood out to me were:

1. Always be realistic in your goal setting
2. Pick one thing to work on at a time

I decided to take these principals to heart.  I wrote down all the changes I want to make in my life and picked one that was the most important to my health, my relationships, and my well being.  I decided to make it my focus for 2 weeks time.  I figured that would be long enough that I might make my new change into a habit, but short enough that it was very possible for me to succeed.  After those two weeks, I pick a new goal to work on. So far, I have found it to be very beneficial and even fun!

I challege each of you this new year to make positive changes in your life, one small step at a time.  Maybe your goal could be to serve someone in your community each day of the two weeks.  Maybe you decided to cook dinner everyday for your family for two weeks.  Maybe, you decide to keep your home picked up for two weeks.  Whatever you decide, make sure you can succeed.  Make your new years resolutions so they better your life and better our community.


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