How to Apply (English)

How to apply:

Step 1) determine if you qualify for our program! There are four things we look at:

  • Age of kids: the program provides gifts for children between 18 months and 18 years of age. In order to be considered for Sub for Santa, a family must have at least one child between these ages. Babies qualify if they have older siblings.
  • Income: We’ll use your income, expenses, individual disability and other unusual circumstances to determine if you qualify.
  • Location: We also only serve people who live in Utah County! (Provo, Orem, Lehi, Spanish Fork, Lindon, Eagle Mountain, Vineyard, Plesant Grove, Alpine, Mapleton, Goshen, Genola, Springville, Saratoga Springs, Salem, Elk ridge, American Fork, Payson, Highland, Cedar Hills, Woodland Hills, Cedar Fort)
  • Number of years you’ve applied to our program: Sub for Santa is a temporary Christmas assistance program.

We understand that circumstances aren't always straightforward, so if you feel like you really need the help, please apply and we'll take a look.

Step 2) Find out when and where the next open house is. You MUST show up in person to apply. Call 801-356-6200 or text 385-236-3343 to find out workshop days, times and locations. There’s a lot of info, so get ready to take some notes before you call! 

Step 3) Bring a few things to the open house:

  • Picture ID of yourself (e.g. a driver’s license)
  • ID for all the children you’re applying for: original or certified copies of birth certificates, baptismal papers, or school ID. Whatever you bring must show date of birth, age or school grade for that child.
  • Income verification for the last 30 days: your last two current pay stubs, a letter from your employer stating your monthly income, Medicaid statements, housing support, letter explaining help from your church, etc.
  • Proof of your current address: a bill, lease agreement, etc.
  • Info about your kids! We’ll want to know things like clothing size, shoe size, what kind of books they like to read, what they need most. 

That’s it! Check out applicant FAQs below if you still have questions or call 801-356-6200 or text 385-236-3343.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Sub for Santa?

Sub for Santa is a temporary Christmas assistance program that matches sponsors with families looking for help. The program provides gifts for children between 18 months and 18 years of age and promotes self-sufficiency. In order to be considered for Sub for Santa, a family must have at least one child between these ages. Babies qualify if they have older siblings.

2. What is the difference between Sub for Santa and Angel Tree?

If your family is accepted to Sub for Santa, you will have direct contact with the sponsor who purchases your gifts and delivers them to your home. If you are accepted to Angel Tree, a delivery volunteer will bring the gifts to your home and you will not have contact with a sponsor. They are the same in that they both provide gifts.

3. How does a family qualify for assistance?

Numerous factors are taken into consideration including income vs. expenses, individual disabilities, unusual circumstances and how many years you have received assistance from Sub for Santa.

4. How will I know if my children have been accepted to receive assistance?

You should receive a letter within two weeks after attending an open house. This letter will explain which program you have been accepted into, the details of the program and what to expect next. Those who don’t qualify for assistance will receive a letter explaining why.

5. I filled out an appilcation two weeks ago and have not heard back from Sub for Santa. What should I do?

Please call 801-356-6200 and leave a message if you have not received a status letter within two weeks of attending an open house, leave your first and last name, full address, phone number and the date of the open house you attended.

6. I don't have a phone and am difficult to reach. What should I do?

Please provide your work number on the application and give the hours you can be reached. You may also leave the name and number of a friend, neighbor or family member who has a phone and is willing to talk to your sponsor. Please make sure this person knows he/she may get a Sub for Santa call for you.

7. How can I thank my sponsor?

A thank you is a kind gesture for a sponsor who has spent his or her time and money on your family. In the past, applicants have expressed thanks by giving a thank you card, having their children write a note or draw a picture to "Santa", or some applicants have even given a special treat to their sponsor when they deliver the gifts. This extra gesture from you is very appreciated by sponsors and keeps them coming back to help our program year after year.

8. Why should I accept blocked phone calls?

Part of the joy volunteers have in giving at Christmas is remaining anonymous. If you have Caller ID and do not accept blocked calls, your sponsor may not be able to call you. To undo this feature, pick up your phone and dial *87 and it will allow you to accept blocked calls.

9. I changed my address and phone number. Whom should I tell? How will my sponsor know?

Please leave a message with Sub for Santa at 801-356-6200. Leave your full name, old address and phone along with the new information. We will update your information on our records and will give your sponsor your new information.