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Developing a corporate social responsibility plan for your business can take a lot of work. United Way of Utah County has been changing our community for the better and working with businesses for over 50 years, and we have some ideas about how we can make this easier for you and help you give back.

Volunteer with your team

Finding you the perfect volunteer project is easy; we have contacts at over 150 local organizations including nonprofits, schools and parks.

We’ll do the hard part of setting up the time and place, and making sure it’s a project you’ll really like. You just need to bring the volunteers.

We build stronger communities by improving education, income and health around the world. 

HR Manager, Google Fiber

Host a fundraiser

One way to give back is through inviting your employees to give a small amount from their paycheck. These campaigns are great because:

  • they’re easy for your employee: he or she just signs up once, and then they can give to whatever cause matters most to them,
  • they work towards your goals: company fundraisers have been shown to break down silos, get employees to focus outward, and really communicate that you’re a company that cares

We’ll help you plan everything start to finish, including fun team-building games and inspirational presentations about the issues our community is facing. You can download posters, videos and “get started” kits.

Companies in Utah County who run employee giving campaigns

...and over 90 others in Utah County

Pair your brand with ours

We know that you have a choice of which charitable organization to support, and we like to say thank you for choosing United Way by letting the community (and your customer!) know just how great you are.

For every corporate gift $1,000 and above, we have a special set of recognition benefits. pdfRead more about the benefits of being a corporate investor with the United Way and what your efforts will accomplish.

We’re helping children read better, families have enough to eat, and teenagers with mental health—and we can’t do it without you.

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