Take Two Dance

Find a cause and make a difference. People do this all over the world. And someone in Utah County is doing it now. Last summer I went to an event called Take Two Dance. It was pulled together by a local ballet instructor from a local ballet company. I had a special interest in this event. Why? Because the proceeds went to the National Foundation for Transplants. Let’s get personal shall we? Reveal: I have a cousin. He’s not that old. Early thirties and one of the healthiest people I know. A while back he started getting sick and eventually it was discovered that he had liver disease. Not really knowing what this entailed my mom simply put it this way, “Eventually he’ll need a liver transplant but it has to get worse before it gets better.” I think it took about five years before it could get better. And even then it wasn’t easy. But with one rejection, two transplants, multiple surgeries and lots of family support my cousin pulled through. So naturally, our family likes to support the National Foundation for Transplants. From races to dances we’re their number one fans. We still have a crucial member of our large family because of them.

This year she’s at it again. Take Two Dance is happening this month from July 26-28. Now I know what you might be thinking, “A ballet recital isn't really my thing.” False my friends. It’s good ballet and not all ballet. In fact, it’s “a mentored choreography showcase for young talent” as the website states and they welcome all forms of dance. Do you know what that means? These are local people coming together and choreographing dances for one cause to make a difference. So come! Support a cause. Support the talent that’s busting out of the seams of our community. You won’t regret it. And maybe you’ll be inspired to use your own talents to make a difference. Whether that’s organizing an event or being in an event you can make a difference. So I’ll see you there? Come find me. I love meeting people.

*Information for Take Two Dance was found here.

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