Helpful information for preparing for different situations such as emergencies.

Summer Giving

What happens when it's blistering hot outside and someone's health is endangered? What if no one can help? Learn how the community came through for one woman in Springville.


Here's the silver lining.

Apps save lives!! (Do you have an app for that?)

Let’s be honest. Isn’t that the question these days? And amazingly enough, there really IS always an “app for that”. It constantly amazes me. Amazing tools are available, not just with mobile apps, but also through social media tools, software, and other devices. 

You know your children....we know resources!

Isn't that catchy? Its catchy AND true. Parents do know their children! We want to support you as parents by connecting you to the many community resources available to your family! The first stop...Help Me Grow's NEW website!

Ho Ho Ho

Why Christmas in November is okay.


I'm Not a Stereotype

Have you ever been stuck on the side of I-15 forced to realize who you truly are? Read all about roadside self-discovery here!

What To Do In An Emergency

Tips on how one can prepare for an emergency, in particular an earthquake.

Avoiding the Disaster Within a Disaster

How to best help victims of the recent tornado in Joplin, MO.

Relief is on the Way

A post on recent tragedies and how the Red Cross helps.

Be Prepared for the Coming Storm

With a severe weather alert and blizzard coming our way, we had our emergency preparedness VISTA George V. put together some things we can do to keep our families and homes safe in the extreme cold. We know there is a lot to read through, but it is all valuable information that everyone should know. So here are a few winter preparedness safety tips. BEFORE SEVERE WEATHER ARRIVES


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