Latinos in Action!


One of the very best things I’ve seen in the two weeks has been the faces of high school kids...look at them!!


Help Me Grow regularly puts on free family events in the community where parents and their kids can come and PLAY!  The purpose is to teach how important it is to:

1. Play with your kids and

2. Play with your kids!

(its important.)

We are planning on a family event in March targeting the Hispanic community and because our events are about TEACHING and EDUCATION we thought It’d be perfect to team with Latinos in Action (LIA).

LIA is a program developed here in Utah County that gives young Latinos the chance to tutor younger kids in the school district as well as creates a venue for the LIA teachers to discuss trends associated with the Hispanic community in high school graduation rates, teen pregnancy and the overall image and that they, as the future of that community have the power to perpetuate or change.

These bright faced and smart and funny (super funny) kids are making such a difference in the lives of kids younger than them and its so inspiring. I’m so excited that they will also be our volunteers at our Family Event! They're going to be so great to work with!

 So if you want to be inspired and educated, come to our event!!!


If you want to learn more about LIA check out their website by clicking here


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