Happy Independence Day!


When I told my coworkers that I wasn't sure what to do a blog post about, they suggested I share some of my family's 4th of July traditions. One goes to the lake to watch their neighbors firework show. Another has a family reunion in Montana. A friend and their family from Provo always stake out their spot on University Aveneue so that they get prime spots to watch the parade. I, on the other hand, don't have any traditions at all!


I've spent about 8 years of "4th of July"s out of the country, a handful with family and friends in Utah, and the rest in random cities scattered throughout the country. But I kind of like it that way! I've been albe to see how other places celebrate and get swept up in other people's traditions. 


Last year, I spent my 4th in the best place of all, Washington D.C.!

I don't have too many photos since my camera met it's demise at the beginning of the summer, but here are a few shots from that weekend:




Everyone sees the Lincoln Memorial statue from the front, but I thought you guys would like the opportunity to appreciate the back of the it. Notice how the sculptor captured the draping and folds in the back. So much work for something that no one really looks at! I like it.







Korean War Memorial


We got up early to go see the parade. It was really funny when the tourists in line at the metro would ask me about getting around, since I was just about as clueless as they were. We had some time to kill, so we visited that National Museum of American History. Kind of a strange place. Sort of hodge podge. But they had some good exhibits as well. I visited "The Price of Freedom: Americans at War" and this flag. Awsome. 


The parade was a bit of a hodge podge as well. But loveable. Like these guys who were riding around on penny-farthing bicycles like this:


We walked around a bit, went to the Natural History museum, and headed over to the Lincoln Memorial to watch the fireworks. They were spectacular! I loved looking around and seeing everyones faces as they watched. It was really magical. 


As great as last year's 4th of July was, I'm just as excited for this years! It's my first summer in Provo, and I want to make sure to do it right. I'm definitely going to hit up the booths at the Freedom Festival, cheer at the parade, and watch fireworks.

Hope you have a festive Independence Day!

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