Day of Caring Story: Proquest


**This was an email we received from one of our great companies who participated in Day of Caring. Thank you Kip and Proquest for helping make Utah County a better place!

Just wanted to thank you for a great event with the Day of Caring this year. Our office representation was small with only four people (we only have six editors to begin with), but we appreciated having an opportunity to share our “widow’s mite.” We felt like the work we did at Mountainlands Headstart was worthwhile and appreciated. We mowed, raked, clipped, washed, and painted. And when we were about finished, the children who attend the school surveyed our work and then yelled “THANK YOU!” in unison. Very cute!


We also appreciated the breakfast, the t-shirts, and the other event coordination provided by the United Way of Utah County. And we look forward to doing this again next year.

Thanks again,


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