Blood Drive Give Away! Coolio!


I’ve always thought giving blood was cool. (Especially because I have this very visible vein on my right arm, right in the spot they poke.)  Two different people influenced me greatly in developing this opinion of donating blood equals cool.

First, my dad. He has type O- blood and because of this, the Red Cross would often call him to ask him to donate when I was a kid. They called him all the time! For years I remember him donating. 

Second, when I was 12, I remember listening to an older gentleman relate his experience about donating blood. He was probably in his 70’s at the time and had been donating for 35+ years! He had donated enough blood to save hundreds of lives.

Both these men = coolio.

YOU TOO CAN BE COOL!! Donate blood!! If you donate blood this next Monday, July 9 from 10:00am – 4:00am you can enter to win gift cards of either $25 or $100 dollars! Or, through September 5th, all donors will be entered to win a $2,500 dream vacation as the Grand Prize!

Spots are filling up!! If you’re interested for the Monday blood drive, contact Esther Sekiziyivu as soon as possible at 801-370-3542 or 801-377-4700.  

To schedule any blood donation appointment you can either call Esther or visit

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