June 2012

Saturdays at the BYU Bookstore

Anita Charles is the Children's Book seller at the BYU Bookstore. Today she shares with us some tips for enjoying the bookstore and some of her recommendations for excellent reading. Take advantage of this great community resource and share your favorite books with the children in your life.

What is United Way Reading?

Looking for some good suggestions of what to read? We asked everyone in the office to suggest some of their favorite books for kids and teens. Check out this list and let us know in the comments what your favorite book is!

Eating Right, Thinking Right

Today’s EveryDay Learner post clues you in to some great food options that help your brain think quicker and clearer.

Juneteeth and Your Community!

Today’s EveryDay Learners’ post opens up a discussion about diversity in our community. How have you taught your children about diversity?

Teaching, Destressed

Today’s EveryDay Learner post focuses on how to reduce our level of tension and stress so that we can be better teachers and learners. Stress certainly doesn’t make it easier for us to help others, so how can we improve our sense of calm?

Take your child on a date!

Today’s EveryDayLearners’ blog post focuses on quality family time. Get some ideas of how you can build your relationship with your child and enhance their learning too!

I Can Do Hard Things

A simple phrase can make life easier.

Just Livin' the Dream

An extremely scientific study about people's dreams on #instagram and what they do about them.