December 2010

How do you SERVE during the Christmas season?

Tis the season to help one another...and we're doing a great job in Utah  County! We'd love to find out what you're doing to serve. Take a second to do this quiz:

Holiday helping through Sub for Santa

This post was written by Whitney C. our guest blogger and PR intern.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it's easy to get caught up in the stress of the season. Sometimes I find myself worrying more about what Christmas ISN'T than what it IS - encouraging peace on earth and good will toward men. In my previous entry, I mentioned how my husband and I were discussing traditions we would like to have. I mentioned a couple of them, but we have since decided on a few more.

A Tradition of Reading

My family has quite a unique tradition for New Year's Day.  Every year after we've gone to bed on New Year's Eve, Baby New Year brings each of us a new book.  I don't exactly know where this tradition originated from or how a new book ties into the New Year's holiday.  All the same, I have loved the tradition and plan to continue it in my family.  As a child, it was exciting to have one more thing to look forward to after all the presents at Christmas.  And the book, being the only gift given that day, didn't get lost among the many other gifts from Santa Claus.

December's How I LIVE UNITED: Volunteer

Each month, we spotlight someone from our community who is LIVING UNITED by choosing to Give, Advocate or Volunteer.

Utah: The Newest Member of the Help Me Grow National Network

Announcing: One of United Way of Utah County’s newest early childhood initiatives, Help Me Grow, was selected to receive funding from the NATIONAL Help Me Grow team!! The national team received a grant from Kellogg to replicate the original Help Me Grow program in 10 new sites across the country over the course of three years and we were chosen to be one of three sites to be implemented in the next year! It’s so exciting!

Create lasting memories through traditions

This post is written by Whitney C. our guest blogger and PR intern.

I have had the opportunity to go to a couple Sub for Santa applicant workshops this year. The workshops are held at the Provo City Library in both Spanish and English (though I've stuck to the English workshops ... my Spanish is far too rusty). I went to one workshop to help out and better understand the Sub for Santa application process, and I went to another to take pictures of the process. For those of you who don't know, all applicants to the Sub for Santa program are required to attend a workshop.