November 2010

Be Prepared for the Coming Storm

With a severe weather alert and blizzard coming our way, we had our emergency preparedness VISTA George V. put together some things we can do to keep our families and homes safe in the extreme cold. We know there is a lot to read through, but it is all valuable information that everyone should know. So here are a few winter preparedness safety tips. BEFORE SEVERE WEATHER ARRIVES

It's Coming!

Make sure your Saturday morning is clear for a little seasonal service! Family Volunteer Day is a national service day that happens to be this Saturday, November 20. This year, Family Volunteer Day has expanded all over Utah County - you'll find us in Eagle Mountain, Provo, and Genola!

November's How I LIVE UNITED: Advocate

Each month, we spotlight someone from our community who is LIVING UNITED by choosing to Give, Advocate or Volunteer.

Prevention is the Best Cure

I have an awful habit--I'm a nail biter.  I've had this problem for as long as I can remember.  I bite my nails when I'm bored, stressed, anxious, or hungry.  Often, I'll find myself biting without even realizing that I started.  Somehow, biting my nails calms me down or distracts me from whatever is bothering me.  It feels good while I'm doing it, but I always regret it afterward.  It is unhygienic, looks ugly, and sometimes I end up with throbbing fingers.  Yet, for some reason I've never been able to kick this bad habit.  I suppose you could call it an addiction.

A Different Perspective

You can often hear me say that helping people is the hardest work in the world. How do you raise awareness and spark action about important issues? How do you provide resources without it becoming a handout? How do you inspire people to make a positive lifestyle change? How do you understand the situation of the people that you serve? None of these questions are easily answered, but all are important to address if you really want to help someone long-term.

Remember our Veterans

This post written by George V. our guest blogger and emergency preparedness VISTA. George is a Korean War Veteran and serves as the Post Commander of the American Legion Orem Post 72. Think of The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. We've heard that reference many times. So often, it seems that we may even take it for granted. We shouldn't. What does it refer to, and why should we care? I can tell you a little about the former, but you'll have to decide about the latter. At 11 a.m., Nov.

Change your Clocks and Batteries

This post written by George V. our guest blogger and emergency preparedness VISTA.

There's No Masquerading the Power to do Good!

What happens when brilliant young minds relax in a pool together on a sunny summer evening? Why, isn’t it obvious? Dreams are born. The dreams of young people joined together in a good cause.