April 2010

The Ideal Volunteer Opportunity

Last week I went to the state's Conference on Service. I attended quite a few informative sessions, but one of my favorites was Collaborative Leadership. I could probably write five more blog posts about principles that I learned in that session, but the one I thought is most applicable to United Way is what makes for an ideal volunteer opportunity.

Welcome Baby

I thought I would share this video about the Welcome Baby program that we have here at United Way.  If you are interested in volunteering with them, or you would like a home visitor, please visit their website at unitedwayuc.org/welcomebaby.

New Unemployment Rate

Utah County's unemployment rate increased to 6.8% in February, more than double what it was two years ago this time. Although experts say the economy is on the mend, Utah still has 95,300 persons unemployed as of February 2010.